Food wastage – Exclusive Interview with Arash Derambarsh -What Ireland needs to consider when it comes to banning food wastage?   Leave a comment


Written by Stephen O’Brien

The consumer society is filled with abundance, yet some live-in deprivation.

“Once poverty is gone, we’ll need to build museums to display its horrors to future generations. They’ll wonder why poverty continued so long in human society – how a few people could live in luxury while billions dwelt in misery deprivation and despair.” Muhammad Yunus.

-The problem-

Poverty and food insecurity has been a global issue that has plagued society since the dawn of time. If we attempt to reduce our food wastage by just 25% there would be enough food to feed all the people in society who are malnourished, according to the UN. [i]

One in nine people in the world were suffering from chronic malnourishment during 2014 – 2016.[ii] It is estimated that 795 million people are suffering from severe hunger and malnutrition globally today. [iii]  Every year, 1.3 billion…

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Publié 9 mars 2017 par Arash Derambarsh - Courbevoie dans Non classé

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