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What does Arash mean? The linguistic meaning of the word Arash is Luminous, Luminesce, Brilliant, Bright or Shining. Arash is also the name of a mythical character in the epic Persian book of legends, the Shah Nameh (Letter Of The Kings).

Arash was an archer who in a time of great need sacrificed his life for the glory of his nation.

The legend is, at the end of a very bloody conflict with the Turans, the defeated Persians were ordered to fire an arrow, the point at which the arrow struck was to mark the border between Iran and Turan.

This was a tactic intended to demoralize the Persians into submission. Regardless Arash stepped forth and took up the challenge. On the magnificent morning of the day Tirgan, Arash rose and climbed mount Damavand. Once atop the mountain he turned to the direction of the invading Turan lands, and with all his strength pulled the cord of this bow and fired his arrow. The legend goes on to say the arrow flew for 2 days and 2 nights, before landing near the Aral sea, becoming the central point of the new boarder. A boarder which remained for many centuries to come.

When Arash let go of his bow, he fell to the ground on mount Damavand and passed away into Persian legend as a hero not only to his people but to all that strive for selflessness and compassion.

Legend has it that his soul traveled with the arrow, guiding the arrow on its journey. Some mountaineers remark hearing the voice of Arash in the Himalayan mountains guiding them when they become lost.

The myth of Arash, his existence, his brave actions in the face of insurmountable odds and his dedication to his nation and its people are all are just some of the many civilization building principles, Ferdowsi the author of the Shah Nameh establish within his great literary legacy.

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